roller cassette

Vertical Roller Cassette Fly Screen Windows

Roller cassette fly screens can be installed to virtually any window, although they are ideally suited to UVPC, sash windows, conservatory windows and casement windows. The screen can be installed over the opening section of the window enabling the side guides to be face fitted to the window frame or within the window reveal to protect the entire window opening. The fibre mesh is housed within an all aluminium spring loaded cassette. Brushes within the aluminium side guides help create a fly proof seal beween the mesh and the frame.

roller cassette fly screen door

roller fly screen door

Screen Details:

Our very popular roller cassette fly screens are a high quality, UK manufactured fly screen. Cassette fly screens are discreet and very easy to use and will provide years and years of trouble free use.

The screens can be fitted to the window frame in three ways, firstly, by screwing tiny 2mm screws through the side guide into the frame and using a cover cap to hide the fixing hole, or, adhesive hook and loop tape or adhesive tape stuck to both surfaces. We recommend the first option as this provides a secure and permenent solution.

We offer a full installation service for all our fly screen roller window and doors. The installation charge will be detailed with the quote for the fly screens. A quote is provided prior to any work being carried out.

Roller fly screen windows and doors can also be supplied ready made for installation by you or your company. Screens would be made to sizes given by you to us, packed and sent out by carrier. For those who want to assemble their own screens we offer a selection of ready packed kits or are happy to assemble individual kits as a special order.