Commercial DoorCommercial Double Door

pleated fly screen

Commercial fly screen doors provide a screening option for every commercial situation. Each unit is versatile, durable and adaptable ensuring individual door requirements are always met.This coor can be made as a single or double.

Commercial Door

Industrial DoorIndustrial Heavy Duty Fly Screen Doors

fly screen windows

The door is the best option in a busy commercial or industrial kitchen. The door is supplied as either single or double swing door and uniquely incorporates 0.8mm stainless steel perforated sheet which can not be punctured.

Industrial Door

Two Way Swing DoorDouble Swing Fly Screen for Fire Exits

manufacture of sliding fly screens

Two way swing fly screen doors are made with their own brush lined sub frame within which the screen door swings. These doors are used on fire escape doors to enable the push bar to be activated in an emergency.

Double Swing

Mesh Curtain DoorA versatile Screening Option

pleated fly screen

The heavy duty mesh curtain door is ideal where a conventional door would not be suitable. 200mm wide weighted strips of PVC coated mesh overlap to create a barrier against flying insects. The strips are easily removable from the stainless steel hanging rail for cleaning.

Mesh Curtain

Bespoke ScreensExternal Box Fly Screen Windows

box fly screen

Where there is a need to protect a particular opening with insect screens, such as a factory door or air conditioning units, where a standard fly screen would not work, we will design, manufacture and install bespoke screens to meet your specific reqirements.

Bespoke Screens