Automatic DoorIndustrial Automatic Roller Door

automatic industrial door

Industrial roller mesh door for large factory and warehouse doors. This fully automatic door can protect openings up to 5m wide x 5m high, and is fully compliant with food hygiene regulations in excluding insects and birds.

Automatic Door

Manual DoorRoller Cassette Fly Screen Door

fly screen doors

A manually operated industrial roller mesh door for openings where regular forklift access is not required. For openings up to 6m wie X 6m high. This door is fully compliant with food hygiene regulations and excludes insects and birds.

Manual Door

ControlsActuation Devices and Controller

manufacture of fly screens

Automatic industrial roller doors are driven by an external 3ph motor. The controller allows for timed closing and a range of actuation devices including, radar, photo cell, remote control and induction loop. All devices are easily integrated.

Door Controls

PVC Curtain DoorIdeal for factories and warehouses

pleated fly screen

PVC curtains can be used on both large warehouse doors and pedestrian doors. They are used both as a temperature control aid but also as a method of pest prevention. The curtain strip sizes range from 100mm up to 400mm depending on the width of the doorway

PVC Curtain