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commercial fly screen door

Our range of quality industrial and commercial fly screen doors provide a screening option for every situation. Each unit is versatile, durable and adaptable ensuring individual requirements are always met. Commercial fly screen doors can be fitted to timber, UVPC and metal door frames. Commercial doors have an additional push plate in the middle of the door which adds durability. The doors are made from 46mm aluminium frames. These doors are ideal for schools, hospitals, factories, pub and restaurant kitchens. Fibreglass or stainless steel mesh options are available.

commercial fly screen door


Doors can be supplied as single or double doors depending on the door width. Doors are supplied with all door furniture and closers.

We offer a full installation service for all our fly screen window and doors. This installation charge will be included in the cost of the fly screen. All screens are quoted prior to any work being carried out.

Fly screen windows and doors can be supplied ready made for installation by you or your company. Screens would be made to sizes given to us, packed and sent out by carrier. For those who want to assemble their own screens we offer a selection of ready made kits or are happy to assemble kits as a special order.

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