Pleated 'System 22'Bi-fold, Sliding, Conservatory Doors

pleated fly screen

The modern solution for bi-folding doors, Sliding and conservatory double doors. System 22 can screen doorways up to 2.4m as a single screen and 4.4m as a double screen door. Sleek, contemporary and easy to use.

Pleated Doors

Roller Fly DoorRoller Cassette Fly Screen Door

fly screen doors

Roller cassette fly screens have been in the market place for many years and still have their place in certain situations. However, in 80% of door installations 'System 22' has become the preferred choice. This shift is based on functionality benefits.

Roller Doors

Sliding Fly DoorA robust two panel fly screen door

manufacture of fly screens

Sliding fly screens are used where a more robust fly screen is needed. Aluminium profiles create a rigid inner and outer sliding frame. A range of mesh options can be incorporated including pet mesh and stainlesss steel mesh.

Sliding Doors

Hinged Fly DoorsIdeal for Kitchen or pub back doors

pleated fly screen

A robust fly screen door where constant access is required, these screen doors can incorporate stainless steel mesh.

Hinged Doors