Pleated Screens

'System 22' Pleated Door Screen

The pleated 'system 22' fly screen door is a modern solution for all doors including bi-folding, Sliding, conservatory double doors and single doors. System 22 can protect an opening width of up to 2.4m as a single door or up to 4.4m as a double door. The mesh folds to the cassette on one or each side and runs in a 7mm floor track. A top guide holds the draw bar steady.The door is available in white as standard, a range of RAL colours are available on request.

The pleated screen cassettes can be easily fixed to the door reveal or to the frame directly via an aluminium face fixing profile. The screen can be set back to allow for hinges or door handles, if reveal fixing the skiting board will need to be notched to allow the cassette to fit neatly back to the wall.

pleated fly screen screens
Pleated fly screen double anthracite door system 22
Pleated fly screen double door in white cassettes
Pleated fly screen double door in white system 22
Pleated fly screen system 22 single door up to 2.4m wide
Pleated fly screen sizes

Pleated fly screens - Pleated screens - A clever method of folding the pvc coated fibreglass fabric back on itself and heat setting the fabic in position. The creases formed in the fly screen mesh are very strong and do not weaken over time or use. The pleated fly screen mesh used in the system 22 is the best quality and sourced within Europe. Vectran is known to be one of the strongest, non stretch cords known, used by racing sailors accross the world. These important properties form the backbone of the sytstem 22 fly screen door. The vectran cords support the door enabling wide openings to be protected up to 4.4m wide. Pleated fly screens have been installed across the UK. Pleated fly screens in London, Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Kent, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. Pleated fly screens can be used in modern open plan living spaces where bifold doors are fitted, in conservatories, garden conservatory rooms, sun rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and lounges.