pleated screens

Two PLEATED FLY SCREEN DOOR products providing a solution for every situation.

Pleated 'System 22'

The pleated 'System 22' fly screen door is a beautifully designed and modern solution for modern bi-folding and conservatory doors. This pleated door will protect openings up to 2.4m wide as a single door or up to 4.4m wide as a double door. The sleek 22mm cassette is very discreet enabling it to be installed behind existing blind and curtain systems. The pleated mesh folds to the cassette on one or both sides and runs in a 7mm floor track. A top guide holds the draw bar steady.This door is available in white as standard or a range of RAL colours on request, please specify your preference.

7mm threshold pleated fly screen for bi-fold doors

Pleated Twenty Two

Pleated 'three'

Pleated Fly Screen 3mm floor track

The pleated 'three' fly screen door is an alternative pleated door system for use on doorways which have a low threshold. The multi link track is concealed within the cassette allowing the pleated mesh to concertina back to the cassette. The linked track runs along a 3mm guide which is fitted to the floor. A top guide holds the draw bar steady. This system is specifically designed for bi-fold doors which have a low or no threshold or where wheeled access is required.

3mm threshold pleated fly screen door

Pleated Three