Measuring Fly Screens - Face Fitting

Fly Screen Windows and Doors - It is important when measuring fly scsreens which are going to be face fitted to the existing window frame to take the apeture from the point marked (a). We can the add the width of the fly screen frame to this measurement to ensure a seal between the frame and the screen. The apeture width will include the window opening and any decorative edges to the existing window frame, ensuring that the screen fits to the flat section of the window frame. This is the same which ever type of face fitted fly screen you opt for. Please click on the PDF files below for specific instructions for fly screen types.

measure fly screens

Measuring Fly Screens - Reveal Fitting

Fly Screen Windows and Doors - When taking measurements for screens that are to be fitted within a reveal or recess it is important to take the measurements in three different places. So for the width take a measurement top middle and bottom and use the smallesh measurement in mm. The height can be taken by measureing left middle and right and take the smallest measurement in mm. Allow for and tiles or cornices within the reveal. If you are unsure take a photo of the window and we are happy to advise.

Fitting Instructions and Specifications