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industrial roller mesh door (chain Drive)

Industrial roller doors are installed as a secondary door in warehouses or factories where ventilation is necessary but the need to exclude insects and birds is required. The door is made from heavy duty PVC coated polyester mesh panels reinforced with steel wind bars which run in vertical side channels. The door is housed in a top roller cassette and can be raised and lowered by a chain. The screen provides good visibility and air movement whist maintaining a pest proof impenetrable barrier. Chain operated doors are an effective way of protecting large doors where there is not a need for constant access. Mesh fabric colour options are available.

chain drive roller mesh fly screen door

chain drive roller mesh fly screen door


We offer a full installation service for our industrial fly screen doors. This installation charge will be included in the cost of the fly screen. All screens are quoted prior to any work being carried out.

Fly screen doors can be supplied ready made for installation by you or your company. Screens would be made to sizes given to us.